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You finally decided to take the plunge. Congratulations!

You’re ready to acquire your very own vibrator. Maybe you’re expecting this to be a quick and painless process. Perhaps you were looking for that type you saw that one time, or something close to what your friend got. May be you even already got one and are not quite convinced.

Then you log on Hush Nigeria and find that there are actually 1,001 permutations of vibrator. OMG, some of these things even cost a hefty penny! How do you go about making the right choice? Is bigger better? Is faster nicer? Does power matter? Is one enough?!

Worry not. I’m here to help. Soon you will learn that this is simpler than you think.

In my book, there is really only one question that matters here. It’s a very personal and introspective question. If you know the answer to this question, you are sure to make the right choice. It is really the only thing that matters at the end of the day because it’s the whole reason you’re doing this. It is not how much of the lingo you can understand. Not which of the words you can decode.

The important question is, WHAT GETS YOU OFF?<

When you spend quality time with yourself (or even with a partner), which button do you find yourself reaching to push (or wishing they would push)? This is a question only you have the answer to.

If you do not have the answer, then I say STOP RIGHT THERE! You’re not ready for this. You need to go back and fulfill this prerequisite.
Your mission, and you want to accept it, is to return to your private space and begin exploration. You must discover your button first. That sweet spot, where you know that just the right amount of attention will definitely send you soaring. That’s the button you’re looking for. Return only when you have fulfilled this mission.

Now, some of us are no rookies here. If you have already majored in self-exploration and you have the Hush glow to prove it, then you’re all clear.

The only other question to think about after that is, what is your budget? There’s no point lusting after the Rolls-Royce of massagers (at least not right now) if it’s not in your budget. Believe me, anything in your price range that is built to deliver the kind of stimulation that you now know gets you off, will be good enough. There is something for every wallet at Hush.

If you are an external stimulation kind of girl, you likely favor any attention paid to the sign above the entrance. You don’t care much for an invading phallus. How disrespectful! For you, bigger is not always better. You need a sensitive type.

Nu Sensuelle Point 20 Function Rechargeable Vibe Black

For you, the zero-penetration clitoral stimulation thrill-seekers, it will be the easy to maneuver, non-invasive options such as the bullet (he’s a hyper-focused, give you what you need kinda guy); and the egg (he may let you beat about the bush but he is Wonder Lust Harmony Silicone Vibe Pinkalways ready to get down). Here at Hush, we have the Wildfire Rock In Vibe, Minx Discretion Mini Vibrator, Ovo D6 Silicone Mini Vibrator  or the We Vibe Bloom

If you’re not down for that perimeter play and you require some internal attention, you’re looking for the real deal. He needs to be above standard, just like you. What you want is the vibrating dildo (think of him as a phallic quarterback who likes to go long)or the G-spot vibrator (he plays guitar and he’s going to make you sing).




Petite Thrusting Jack Rabbit Dual Vibe Waterproof PurpleYes, I know. Some of us are a little more hardcore than that. We need a B.O.B. that really knows how the game is played. We don’t want to pick and choose cause we need the whole buffet. It’s not a matter of internal or external. What we wanna know is, does he go hard? We don’t just have a need for speed. We want power and control of all domains. If this is you, you will find happiness with a multi-tasking rabbit. He’s the boyfriend that takes pleasure in finding new buttons. He’ll keep things just as interesting on the outside as the inside, cause his reach knows no bounds. Our favorite rabbit here at Hush, is

Those are the basics. You’re already good to go.

However, if you’re a perfectionist, you probably have other thoughts on the matter. Yes, you’re right. There are other things you may want to consider. Your checklist goes beyond personality type and special skills/interests. You want to know, what does he bring to the table that you can’t already provide for yourself? After all, it’s easy to meet the obvious expectations. For you, a B.O.B. will need to go the extra mile. Here are some of those.OhMiBod Naughtibod - Bubblegum PinkLock N Play Remote Wireless Petite Panty TeaserLove Pods Halo Silicone Viberator


What’s on the outside can make a difference.
If he is made of skin-safe rubber or jelly rubber, then he is squishy and fun. He usually comes in options like rabbits and finger vibes as the vibrations travel through the ears and any nodules to give the tingly, tickly feeling you enjoy. Kinx titan vibrator is one of them.

Plastic vibrators are hard to the touch, which makes them great for firm and precise stimulation of the clitoris or G-spot. Many bullets are therefore like this. Most times, the plastic is given a treatment to make it smooth, for a velvety soft feel that is still firm and solid.

If he is made of silicone, he’s probably a baller. Silicone is a premium vibrator material that feels silky and warms to the touch quickly, much like the real thing. One thing to remember when using a silicone vibe is that you cannot use silicone lube with it! You will need a water-based lubricant, such as climax burst tingling lubricant.


Waterproof credentials

Waterproof vibrators are great for use in the bathroom and are easy to clean. It is important to know the difference between what is called ‘splashproof‘ vs. fully ‘submersible’ toys.

Splashproof means that while your B.O.B. is not waterproof, he can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean. This will be most toys that do not specify waterproof. You must be careful not to let any water get into the electrical components of a splashproof B.O.B.

Submersible means that this B.O.B. is a swimmer. He can be used completely underwater. Vibrators that are waterproof (submersible) are designed so that they will be completely watertight when the battery compartment is properly closed. Some rechargeable toys are also completely submersible depending on the technology used.


I will talk about this in more detail in another post but please read care instructions carefully. Never store your toy without a thorough cleaning and never use a toy before it has been cleaned. Certain toys have specific methods of care for longevity. You want to get the most out of your B.O.B., so follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a long and healthy relationship.

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