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Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs is an amazingly versatile restraint kit that will transform any ordinary bed into a classic bondage playground. It consists of sturdy, extra-long straps that easily fit just about any doorway. This is the perfect accessory to take along on a romantic getaway or honeymoon as it will transform an ordinary night of love making into an extraordinary erotic experience.

Lock down your lover on any door with this extra versatile secured cuff set and watch them twitch and twirl as they anticipate each move of yours. You can tease, touch and caress your lover using this kit and it works like a charm when paired with blindfolds. This amazing set does not require frames or hooks, and will easily restrain your partner’s arms or legs from the sides or top and bottom with ultimate comfort. It allows for all kinds of connectivity with cuffs and tethers. A pair of included soft-lined cuffs are each tethered sturdily to a cylindrical plastic stopper that, when the door is closed, secures the cuffs in place over-top or underneath.

There are tons of teasing and restricting possibilities to explore with Lux Fetish Closet Cuffs. You can circle the cuffs around wrists to hold a playmate’s arms above the head before adjusting the tether straps from 13.5″ (34.3cm) to 26.5″ (67cm) to suit the favorite position and degree of movement. Cuffs attach and remove quickly and simply with handy Velcro, and with lots of room for size adjustment, they’ll fit most.

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