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Dr Tumz

She is a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology based in the State of California, USA. She comes with many years of experience in providing psychotherapy to individual and family clients. She considers herself a psychodynamic clinician, which is a fancy way of saying she is really good with the deeper emotional stuff.
The focus of her doctoral research is in the area of love and marriage in Nigerian and American cultures.

When she is not providing therapy to clients or researching love and marriage between cultures, Tumini has a passion for parent/marital coaching and relationship health. She provides guidance to parents and couples facing various difficulties in and out of the bedroom.

You can trust the information she provides because she is trained in the application of evidence-based interventions and believes in disseminating only information that is backed by good scientific research.

In her downtime, Tumini is into fitness activities such as high intensity interval training, hiking and running. She also enjoys crocheting and exploring exciting new vegan recipes to tantalize her wholesome taste buds.

She is here to help you, so go ahead. Ask those questions and explore her posts!